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My parents were poor when I was a kid, and they explained that I might not have the same opportunities as other kids. However, I wanted to prove them wrong, so I tried really hard to succeed in school. By the time I was almost done with high school, I had secured a great scholarship at a local university. Those college years taught me a lot about how the world works, and it made it possible for me to succeed later in life. This blog is all about improving your life through education, so that you can see the world the way that you want to see it.

Picking A Podcast Topic: Tips To Get A Larger Following

29 October 2019
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Podcasts have been such a hot thing for the last few years. Before that, it was "vlogs.", and before that, talk radio. You probably want to get in on the podcast craze yourself. That is understandable when you consider the number of newly discovered famous people who were "podding" about this and that until their following became almost viral in numbers. Yet, how do you pick a podcast topic to get a larger following? Read More …