Work And Travel: How To Do Both At The Same Time

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Work And Travel: How To Do Both At The Same Time

19 October 2015
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For many people, having the ability to travel while making a living would be a dream come true. If you are looking for a career change, some educational options will allow you to pursue a career where this is possible. Take a look at these programs and consider whether any of them would help you achieve your goal of seeing the world without taking an extended leave of absence from your job.

SEO or Digital Marketing Classes

With almost everyone online now, digital marketing is a necessity for most businesses. If you understand how to help companies make it to the first page of the major search engine search results, you can create digital marketing plans for small and large businesses. You can take digital marketing, social media and SEO classes from a wide variety of online and brick-and-mortar schools.

Wondering how this will help you travel the world? When you have this type of job, it's done remotely, which means you can make money from anywhere with Internet access. Whether you're at home using your own Wi-Fi or tinkering with websites from a coffee shop in Bangkok or a library in Lisbon, the job will be getting done and your clients will be happy.

Aviation School

Another great way to combine your love of travel with a way to make a living is to enroll in flight school and learn how to fly commercial airplanes. As a pilot, you'll have the opportunity to fly not only all over the country, but all over the world. Imagine leaving New York City in the evening and arriving in Frankfurt by the next morning; now, imagine doing that on a regular basis!

Depending on where your airline has you flying, you may be able to get an apartment in a foreign city and spend some or all of your downtime there. Keep in mind that you won't necessarily be able to choose where you are flying, but if you're open-minded about where you end up, this can be an excellent option for a would-be globetrotter.

Another option for those taking aviation classes is to provide recreational flights to tourists in various areas. For example, you might get a job flying a small plane from a city to a less-well-traveled island, or to other areas accessible only by plane. You can find work doing this not only in the United States, but also in other areas around the world. Research different types of pilot certificates and visit a variety of aviation schools, like those found at, to find the best program to fit your chosen career goal.

Photography Courses

Have you ever wondered who takes the gorgeous photos you see of sunsets on the African Savannah or daybreak at Machu Picchu? Travel photographers not only get to travel to various places on the globe, but they also get paid for their efforts. Career options include working for magazines, companies that produce educational materials and advertising agencies. If you are a talented photographer already, you may be able to break into the business without additional education, but photography courses can help you if you are looking to hone your craft.

If your goal is to travel the world while supporting yourself or a family, there are many ways to do so. Look into ways to broaden your education by taking not only university courses, but also programs designed to provide you with certification in your chosen field. Some programs can be accomplished in a matter of months as opposed to many years, and some can be done while you work full- or part-time at your current job, so making your dreams come true might happen sooner than you might have thought!